About Litecoin S

Litecoin S intends to provide services through platformization so that virtual currency can be used in real life.

Litecoin S intends to provide services such as payment, remittance, currency exchange, international remittance, cryptocurrency collateral transaction, and cryptocurrency derivatives based on the following key features in order to have value as currency.

Litecoin S Platform will support overall technical solutions necessary for various transactions and investment operations, and build complex solutions such as transaction systems, reservation systems, various payment systems, purchase systems, and big data DBs on top of the blockchain technology platform.

we will build an online API service and payment service in case you want to link with various cryptocurrencies in an external utility service, and provide pay service, payment information, and community information for real life.

Litecoin S Platform


Litecoin S Platform's goal is to provide simple financial services that anyone can easily access. With our services, customers can enjoy transparent and efficient financial services on Litecoin S Platform.• Litecoin S Platform is based on Blockchain technology, and this solution can be provided as financial services and services of various partners.

Litecoin S Platform


Litecoin S Mainnet is designed so that it is impossible to arbitrarily change the transaction ledger through thorough distributed processing and encryption. it is possible to prevent accidents that may occur due to hacking or malfunction and maintain transparency in the information ledger so that anyone can trust them.

Litecoin S Platform


Litecoin S Platform will automatically provide various services for customers by storing various behavior patterns of customers in big data, and will provide informatization services for other companies participating in the platform ecosystem to use.

Litecoin S Platform

Structure diagram of Litecoin S Mining

Litecoin S Mining Revenue

  • Banking - Litecoin S can receive transaction services through wallets, just like real money. This refers to a new mining service.
  • Mining - Litecoin S can raise stable mining profits through a dedicated mining machine. This guarantees stability and transparency.
  • Shopping - It can be conveniently used at Online & Offline Shopping, which can be used by everyone around the world.
  • Global Pay - in Korea, Vietnam, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, you can convert to a dedicated payment service and use it like cash.
  • Broadcasting - It supports specialized broadcasting platforms and can be used as goods for various media services such as independent broadcasting, private broadcasting, and Wanghong broadcasting.
  • Contents - Litecoin S can be used as goods in various social games. Currently, various content partnerships are in progress.

Litecoin S Mining H/W

Maximization of product characteristics using blockchain technology

Maintains the original function of the hardware and provides a fresh experience of blockchain technology and rewards in the daily life of users

Minimize power consumption for environmental protection and cost reduction

Designed with specifications that consume less energy compared to other miners

Integration of facilities for product protection

Integration of facilities by high level integration in internal structure and composition

Various application of hardware

Usable for everyday surfing, work, and online games Unique and stylish design allows use of interior accessories

Litecoin S Platform


Virtual currency marketability

The infinite potential of blockchain technology, a leader in the 4th industry, a new financial system and pay system using blockchain technology

Verified algorithm

By using the mainnet algorithm, an algorithm that has already been proven in the market, uncertainty in the use and application of cryptocurrency is eliminated and fast transactions are supported.

Cost-based POS mining

It is possible to show the stability and certainty of mining by adopting a stable POS proof method while using hardware miners such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Prices will also remain stable through the exchange.

Franchise business optimization

It is compatible with a variety of pay systems and supports services for various affiliate stores starting from Asia. It enables faster transaction speed and stable feedback than existing cryptocurrency, and will be linked with various social games.

Litecoin S Platform

Online, Mobile Shopping Mall Genie Mall

Shop freely in the open market !!

implemented on the website and mobile to rewards with coins!

Businesses have lower fees than cards!!

Planned to provide O2O service


accommodation reservation

local market

Litecoin S Governance

Litecoin S Platform has various compensation policies. However, we have a monitoring process that spans several steps because when users abuse the compensation policy, the net function of Litecoin S Platform can be compromised. This monitoring process monitors the user's behavior and reward system according to the monitoring policy, and stipulates that appropriate measures can be taken when a problem occurs.

  • System automatic identification

    If a meaningless transaction is repeatedly executed within a short time within the system, it is automatically identified as an abnormal behavior and classified as a separate monitoring target user and monitoring starts. If a problem is found after additional verification that such an action was appropriate, it will be excluded from compensation and notified to the manager.

  • Customer Report

    Report-Litecoin S Platform may limit the compensation rate by the manager after reporting (reporting) abnormal transactions several times and then going through an appropriate verification process, which may lead to deprivation of the rank.

  • Regular inspection

    Transactions listed as bad transactions and users involved in the transaction are all classified into the verification list, and if they continuously take actions that adversely affect the ecosystem, the transaction is notified to the user and the transaction is stopped. Eventually, the user's hierarchical status can be deprived.



Total number of coins

1,000,000,000 LTS

Coin available

500,000,000 LTS

Nominal price

1 LTS / 1 USD

Coin private sale


Coin sale

20% (pre-sale)

Coin format

Hybrid Mainnet

Currency Accepted

BTC Only

Litecoin S Distribution Plan

  • 30%Coin sales
  • 15%Mining Pool
  • 15%Marketing
  • 10%Fund
  • 10%Developers
  • 10%Co-founder
  • 10%Advisors & Team

Budget operation plan after ICO

  • 40%Platform development cost
  • 25%Marketing and operating cost
  • 15%Business development and content
  • 10%Reserve cost
  • 5%Law Firm, Accounting Firm, KYC
  • 5%Listing cost
Litecoin S Platform

Road map

Our team

Duhwan Ryu

CEO of Kibalhan Company
CEO of Extreme VR Co., Ltd
Coin Extreme CEO
BLE PAYMENST Technology Development PM 15 years as an IT business expert Blockchain Mining possesses patented technology and commercialized various blockchain related technologies Currently, as a representative of Extreme VR, we are promoting a business that combines various VR theme park industries and blockchain technology

Gwangse Lee

CEO of C & C entertainment
C & C S2 CEO
Professional management with 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. It is pursuing a new business combining Litecoin S and entertainment business. As a representative of professional entertainment, it is promoting the commercialization of the influencer marketing and influencer market of Litecoin S

Peter Han

2019~2020: CCO of GETA CLUB FZ. LLC. Esports Online Tournament Platform
2019~2020: VP of International Operation of EAN International Inc. Project Development Manager
2013~2017: Distributor of Saladmaster. Trainer and Consultant/Sales and Promotion.
1999~2014: President of IONA Research Center, Non-Profit Organization / Humanitarian Projects

Kye Joong Kim

Mainnet Engineer
Digital Forensic Engineer
Industry's 25-year professional coding engineer
Mining structure of Litecoin S and Miner design were constructed
The Litecoin S platform is being built to integrate with various fields

Justin Choo

Graduated from Yonsei University Human Bio Tech. Overseas Sales Team Team Manager
Philiakorea CMO Coin Extreme

Eunsang Ko

CEO of East Asia Global Co., Ltd
Malaysia Marketing Manager, Asia Marketing, Singapore
Marketing expert who has specialized in international marketing
He is an expert on the East Asian market and has offices in Singapore and Malaysia.
Currently, he is the representative of the network business that creates the blockchain field in East Asia, mainly in Vietnam.

Yongkook Kim

MEDIA Artist
Digital Movie & Sound Director
In charge of video, sound work and marketing media related to the Litecoin S service.
Professor, Department of Animation, Korea National University of Arts.
Various film media music directors A number of CF promotional video works.

Young Soo Lee

Executive Director of Besttech system Inc System R&D Director in UJOY World. Stereoscopic 3D/ Holographic3D, Hologram display and Mobile related solution , Interactive Display etc.. President of G-ART,Inc ,Kwangu President , Promax Inc. City of Industry, CA Computer , Semiconductor & Satellite Broadcasting company Factory operation Manger & Maintenance Manger , Pioneer Circuit Co.Ltd, Santana, CA